Most small business owners ask themselves "do i need a website?" at one point or another. They should keep these facts in mind.

Recently a friend that runs a small plumbing business told me he didn't think businesses like his that only work locally need a website. I understood his thinking. I mean why should hey pay to have his business online for the world to see when he's only targeting a very small percentage of it.

  1. First, and most importantly website's Generate business

The first reason is simple a website is one of the best ways to get more business if not thee best way because it opens up so many possibilities.Here are two examples.

  • You can share a link to your site on social media and have your friends share it which is not only free advertising but it's adverting to your specific demographic which can be costly when it comes to paid targeted ad platforms.
  • You can register it on Google Maps so if anyone searches for services or products you provide in your area they can easily get more information about your business by clicking your link. We take care of this for our clients!
  1. A website saves you and your employees time and time is money

One of the most overlooked facts about Business site's is the time it saves it's owners and it's employees. Instead of spending time answering frequently asked questions you can make page with all these questions and the answers along with any other information a potential client might ask about. Now that time can be spent on more productive task.

  1. A great website design leaves a great first impression, no website leaves a bad and possibly last impression

No matter how small your business your clients expect you to be professional and lack of a website is seen as lack of professionalism plain and simple. You can't expect your clients to take you seriously if you aren't taking yourself & your business seriously enough to invest in a website.  Think about it.would you do business with someone that didn't have faith in the services they're providing?

These were just the 3 main reasons why every business even businesses of one need to have a website  a complete list of reasons would go on for days. If you're a business owner with less than 3 employees Tap here to Email¬†¬† me about getting a discount on web design web hosting and website management.. Thanks for reading!


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