No matter what type of business you may own a bad review can definitely hurt you

Yelp can do your business more harm then good

Yelp has been known to make or break businesses, restaurants often serving food in hopes of getting 5 stars instead of cash. No matter what type of business you may own a bad review can definitely hurt you in more ways than a good review will help you and that’s if you’re even able to get a happy customer to leave you a good one then there’s still a big chance that yelp will decide to simply not show the good review but prominently display the negative ones for the world to see. People are more likely to leave a bad review when they’ve had a bad experience than they are to leave a positive review after a good experience. Which makes sense because after a negative experience you’re mad and heated up often feeling like you're being treated unfairly so you go vent online and post your rant where everyone will know how badly you were treated. After a good experience, however there is no passion because we expect to have a good experience so there’s little motivation to leave a positive review.

Yelp helps your competition steal your customers!

Aside from negative reviews & the most damaging Yelp helps your competition steal your customers by placing their ads for their businesses that offer the same products or services that your business does before your actual reviews. If the business advertising is smart they’ll most likely offer a discount in the ad so your would be client clicks on their ad and is taken to their website without reading even one positive review you worked so hard to get. This is a slap in the face to all the business owners that worked so hard to get loyal customers to take the time to leave a good review.

Yelp can help your business but more than likely it will hurt it

Why risk losing a customer that has shown interest in your business to someone paying a few dollars for an ad on yelp? By having your own website your clients only see your brand, your products, & your services. Use the form below to contact us for a hassle-free experience, we take care of everything from registering your domain name, setting up hosting on our server, to creating content to increase traffic.

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