A Landing Page is made to achieve a specific goal for example user newsletter sign up, Sales, or lead generation though they can be used to reach any goal. SEO optimization is key to a succesful landing page

Websites changed the way businesses worked, anyone can go online to get information about a business, organiztion, or even an individual. Fast forward a few years & now the usual about us page isn't enough to bring in traffic let alone turn any of those vistiors to conversions. Nowadays a great landing page is a must and it must be done right or you're website link will be lost in the endless amounts of competition links.

what you should have on your landing page

  1. A memorable headline. It's the first thing that your visitors will see so this has to be memorable incase the visitor leaves before performing the action you want them to they can always think of your headline later and come back.
  2. An attention grabbing hero image. A hero image that demands attention immediately following a great headline will hook your visitors in and keep them focused while your prepare to turn them into successful conversions.
  3. Showcase of your product or services Show your visitors what makes your product or service so great and make them want it or better yet show them why they need it.
  4. Lead capture form Make sure to place a form before your call to action (the next item in this list) for anyone that's still on the fence and may want a bit more information.
  5. Call to action This is what everything else has been leading up to. Your call to action is where you place the action you want your visitors to take for some it may be a button that says call now, subscribe, or sign up for our newletter

What not to have on a landing page

  • Make sure to remove any links that take users to another page even other pages on your site. Landing pages aren't meant to get lots of traffic or to flow traffic through to your site you, it's built to achieve a goal so you want visitors to stay until they. Though you can setup automatic redirections after the action has been taken.

Landing pages are a great way of increasing sales, leads, and sign ups but only when done correctly for best results Tap here to email one our highly skilled developers or call 818-900-SITE

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