Freelancers creative individuals and businesses of one can still contact us for help.

Complete website and hosting for free!

There was a time when a talented freelancer or a new business owner could live comfortably off of word of mouth Business but now there's so much competition it's almost impossible to get your name out there without having the money to spend to make a name for yourself. Which is the struggle most freelancers and new small business owners find themselves in. Most will have to get a part time job while establishing their business or themselves as a photographer, model, graphic designer or whatever their profession might be, and day by day their dream job of working for themselves slips away.

So we want help by giving someone a great webite to showcase their services.

We really are Giving Away a Free Website With Domain Name & Hosting Included The rules are simple, Big Businesses and well established Individuals are not permitted. The idea is to help someone that may not be able to get a website otherwise. So if you can get one yourself but you just rather not spend your own money than this contest is not for you. Winners will be picked throughout september 2019 until the end of october. There will be multiple chances to enter so keep an eye on our site and our twitter account . Good Luck .

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